YouTube Live Streaming Coming Soon to GeForce Experience

Last week we announced the upcoming GeForce Experience early access beta, which will unlock fast, easy ways to share gaming experiences with friends. This includes a new in-game overlay that enables gamers to quickly capture and upload their favourite videos to YouTube, stream to Twitch, or stream their games over the internet to a friend and play together with GameStream Co-op.

At PAX this weekend we demoed the new GeForce Experience Share features, including a previously unannounced capability – support for YouTube Live streaming. With the click of a button, gamers will be able to stream gameplay --and themselves via picture-in-picture camera and microphone support -- to the just released YouTube Gaming, at up to 1080p 60 FPS!

Support for these new YouTube Live streaming features will be coming just weeks after the initial Share beta in September. For news of the release, stay tuned to