YIDIY: Kun MOD & The WinBot Project

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This month's #YIDY is brought to you from the packed Computex event in Taipei, Taiwan. At the show, InWin unveiled their cutting-edge spherical WINBOT selfie-A.I. PC chassis. It’s a completely clear and unforgiving enclosure for cable management, presenting a few challenges for modders requiring a clean Spartan interior. Plus the case has no right-angles; so measurements for water-cooling components will require absolute precision.

This is no problem for the liquid-cooling specialists at Kun Mod Studios in Taiwan. Founded in 2015, Kun Mod is well decorated with awards from several major modding events, including last year's Mod in Taiwan. The studio has been invited to participate in competitions representing the biggest names in modding and computer components, including ASUS, Thermaltake, InWin, GALAX, Bitspower, Chinajoy, CoolerMaster and more—often placing among the top three with amazing custom builds.

Let's see what went on behind the scenes during this incredible build.

WinBot Specs

Component Product
Chassis InWin WINBOT
Graphics Cards 2x GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
CPU Intel i7-7700k
Memory G-SKILL Trident Z RGB 32GB
Storage G-SKILL Phoenix FTL 240GB
Power InWin C 1250W
Cooling Watercooling: EKWB
Fans: Aurora

What got you first started into modding PC?

My college major was computer science, so obviously, I needed a computer to study. I didn’t know much about computer hardware then so I went to a computer shop asked a shop to build the rig for me according to the specs I want. Sadly, I later discovered that the shop put in lower level components then the ones that I specified. I basically got cheated.

With this bad experience I asked myself, "How hard can it be to build a PC?" I was always very handy and likes to take stuff apart, so I start learning through online videos and tutorials. One day, I came across this video of people building custom water cooling pipes and very flashy LEDs. I got hooked right away and started to do it myself, and since I have a lot of free time during my college days I just got better and better at modding.

What modifications did you make to complete the build?

With WINBOT finally in hand the first step was to completely disassemble the cabinet to check the structure and measure its internal dimensions so that we can maximize the use of the space.

Then, we put installed the hardware components like the motherboard and video card and then decide where to install the water cooling components based on the remaining available space.

After careful consideration on how to connect the water pump, the cooling loop and the hardware devices in two separate spaces, we decided to use traditional parallel piping for water cooling. The water flows directly from the water pump to cool the video cards. The two video cards are connected in parallel, and water resistance in the loop is reduced.

For such a high-end PC, customized wires are a must. We had already done some preparatory work in Beijing, but there is still some difference between the wire length we estimated based on the 3D rendering and what was actually needed for the build, so we skillfully hid the excess wires in the corners.

The only modification we needed was to refit the piping so that they fit inside the spherical enclosure. I had over-estimated the room I had so the pipe blocked the sphere from closing originally. After a few quick cuts, we were able to fix everything.

What do you enjoy most about doing this kind of work?

Modding gives me excitement and thrills. I really enjoy the process from conception to building. And the moment that I turn on a finished rig- that’s the most satisfying part of modding for me.

WinBot on the showfloor at Computex