Rig Spotlight: Modders Inc. Fallout Mod #2 - "Vault 111 Decontamination Pod"

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Last week we featured a weathered Fallout 4 mod by Craig Tate, just one of the three main prizes for our Fallout 4 Share Every Win contest that ends on 4th March. Not to be outdone, Modders Inc. head honcho Dewayne Carel created this incredible 2-in-1 design; one side cryogenic chamber, one side vault door, this unique mod is packed with detail.

Read on to learn more about Dewayne's thought process and modding techniques.

Vault 111 Decontamination Pod

Component Product
Chassis Phanteks Enthoo Pro
Graphics Cards EVGA GTX 970 Fallout Edition
CPU Intel i5-6600K
Motherboard ASUS Z170-A
Memory Kingston HyperX FURY Black 16GB 2133MHz
Storage Intel 535 Series 240GB
Cooling Swifttech H220-X2
Power Corsair AX860

What was the thought process behind the 2-in-1 design?

With this case I wanted something that would represent something new and old from Fallout 4. With this in mind, I thought that the freezing chamber would be great for the new side of the mod as it would lend itself to incorporating a side window into the case. The other side I decided to place the 111 vault door for the old side. The hard part of doing a two style mod on a single case is getting them the blend from one to the other without making it look funny.

There's quite a few external effects on the case, like the gas cannister and handles of the chamber. What considerations did you make when adding them?

Since I knew it was going to see its fair share of mileage in the back of a delivery truck, the next item on my list was to make it shipping-friendly. This meant the that I could not go overboard with accessories on the outside of the case. So whatever I would put on the outside meant that it needed to define what it was supposed to be with minimal parts. Again the freezing chamber and vault door idea fit the needs.

What about the raised panels? How did you make those?

I could have used a lot of different materials for creating the raised panels for each side of the case. Steel, aluminum, wood and such could have been used but most of that meant adding a lot of weight to the case and that was something I did not want to do so I settled on using foam core poster board. This allowed me to save the weight and was very easy to work with to design the parts needed. I first created paper templates on each side panel to make sure that the dimensions and look was what I wanted. I then took those templates and transferred them to the foam core boards. Cutting the shape into the foam board was as easy as using a ruler, razor and X-atco knives. I also used my scroll saw to make the long beveled edges on some of the pieces.

Painting the foam board was just like painting anything else. I made sure everything was in the shapes I wanted and dust free before I applied the primer. Oh, I did treat the edges of the foam board with drywall patching spackle...yep, spackle. It is easy to spread on, filled in the holes in the foam, can be sanded to a smooth finish and painted. The worn side that displays the 111 vault and parts on the Fallout 4 case mod was the same technique I used to create my previous Fallout mod. This was done by applying a few different colours of brown paints on the primer then applying hairspray where I wanted the paint to peel off and then adding the final colour on top of all that. By taking some water and letting it set on the places where the hairspray was applied the water will dissolve the hairspray and will allow you to remove the top coat of paint and exposing the multi-colours or brown below, thus creating the scratch/peeling rusted look.

The Fallout 4 Share Every Win Contest ends on 4th March so you can still win this or the two other equally incredible Fallout mods so don't miss out!