Rig Spotlight: Jon Hansz' FrostByte

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Jon "PennyWise" Hansz already had the case, he just needed a concept. Having just completed a dragon-based notebook mod with Ron Lee Christianson and with the then recent unveiling of BSMod's Tessie, it made sense to continue the dragon theme.

Dragon Notebook by Rip City Modders

Tessie H-Tower by BS Mods

Thus, FrostByte was born. And it is amazing. FrostByte took first at PDXLAN 29 in February and had a solid showing at the 2016 ThermalTake CaseMod Invitational Season 2.


Component Product
Chassis Thermaltake Core X71
Graphics Card 2x GeForce GTX 1070
CPU Intel i7-6700K
Memory 16GB Avexir Raiden
Storage V-Color 120GB M.2 & Seagate 2TB
Power ThermalTake ToughPower DPS G RGB 1250W
Watercooling ThermalTake fittings, blocks, radiators & reservoir/pump

Just like with his Yoda build, Jon added three-dimensionality with this super-detailed dragon using his homemade vacuum former, styrene and MagicSculpt.

Frosty both outside and in, with everything following the white and blue theme.

Nothing says a PennyWise mod like custom-laced cables.

Not just an accent piece, this decorative plaque is also the SSD.