Rig Spotlight: Bulldog GTO by Lee Harrington

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We recently had a couple of racing car mods on GeForce Garage, from Ronnie Hara's Skyline GT-R to Kensuke Morita's Nissan GT-R. Today, we taking it back to classic muscle with a late '60s Pontiac GTO-inspired mod from Lee Harrington of PCJunkieMods. It has that classic hot rod feel, right down to the flames paintjob and was built specifically to showcase Corsair's new special edition Torque RAM kit.

Bulldog GTO

Component Product
Chassis Corsair Bulldog
Graphics Card GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
CPU Intel i7-7700
Motherboard MSI Z270-ITX
Memory Corsair Dominator Platinum - Torque SE
Storage Corsair Force LE 240GB
Power Corsair SF600
Cooling Corsair H6SF

Inspired by the classic Pontiac GTO...

complete with sculpted fenders, a custom bumper and working headlights and flashers.

Popping open the hood, you can see the Z270 system...

powered by a small form factor PSU.

These Special Edition Torque RAM fit the theme perfectly.