NVIDIA VR Funhouse, Powered By The New Pascal Architecture, Is Coming Soon

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Having worked on the creation of Virtual Reality technologies for several years, we're now turning our hand to development, creating our first ever VR game. Called "VR Funhouse", the HTC Vive-compatible, room scale game is coming soon to Steam.

NVIDIA VR Funhouse is the most technically advanced game seen in virtual reality, and raises the bar for interactivity, immersion, and fun. Watch NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang talk about the technology that goes in NVIDIA VR Funhouse during his keynote at the GeForce GTX 1080 launch:

NVIDIA VR Funhouse, built in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 includes several technologies that enhance the experience and level of immersion for the player.

VR PhysX

The VR Funhouse is filled with destructible objects that can be manipulated by the player. By utilising our PhysX technology for VR we can give each and every object realistic physical properties enabling players to interact with them in a more realistic manner.

With this new PhysX technology the level of immersion experienced by gamers is further improved in NVIDIA VR Funhouse, and future games enhanced with this technology. Once you get your hands on VR Funhouse be sure to spend some time examining and experimenting with objects to hear and feel the effects!


NVIDIA FleX is our next-generation particle-based physical simulation technology, which enables the creation of incredibly advanced physics effects that interact flawlessly with other one another, even if one effect is for fluid, and the other for cloth.

In the VR Funhouse, we're using FleX's unprecedented realism and accuracy to enhance the look and feel of the environment and several of the fairground games. Most visibly, FleX is used for the Clown Painter game, where players wield two FleX-enabled paint guns in an effort to pop balloons as fast as possible. Once you're done, take a moment to play with the fluid by writing your name on the ground, or by watching how it flows and drips realistically across and down surfaces.

In allwalker Toss, FleX Soft Bodies are utilised to create a squishy squid that can be stretched and manipulated by the player, before being thrown at the target - throw too hard and the squid will bounce back, but too soft and it won't grip the target.

And finally, in Hot Shot Basketball and in the big top, FleX cloth is used for basketball nets, and curtains. These highly realistic and interactive effects combine to create immersive and lifelike physical interactions.

VRWorks Audio

NVIDIA VRWorks Audio is an innovative new technology that leverages the power of the Pascal architecture to realistically and accurately model the propagation of sound in real-time using ray tracing.


NVIDIA Flow augments many of our particle effects by enabling additional physical interactions. For example, the Balloon Knight game sees confetti exploding from the balloons after each is popped. As the player swings their sword to pop another balloon, the confetti reacts to the turbulent forces as the player swings and thrusts their sword.

And in the Fire Archer game, Flow is a volumetric, rendered, combustible fluid simulation, enabling fire to grow and consume the flammable targets.

NVIDIA HairWorks

NVIDIA HairWorks has added incredibly realistic hair and fur to characters and enemies in Far Cry 4 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and now in VR Funhouse we're applying HairWorks to our colourful Whack-A-Mole and Mole Boxing targets - punch and knock them around and watch their hair move realistically.


To maximise performance and further reduce latency in VR Funhouse and other Virtual Reality applications, we can equip a system with 2 GPUs and have 1 render to the left eye, and the other to the right.

By offloading tasks to seperate GPUs we can maximise the amount of performance dedicated to the rendering of general visuals, ensuring a smoother, more responsive experience for VR gamers.

Coming Soon: NVIDIA VR Funhouse, The Most Advanced VR Game Ever Made

NVIDIA VR Funhouse will be open sourced, so developers, artists and enthusiasts can learn from our work to make their own, compelling experiences even better. For further news regarding VR Funhouse's release stay tuned to GeForce.co.uk.