Hands-On Demonstration Of The New GeForce GTX 590

March 24, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

Today, NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX 590, our fastest and most powerful graphics card. Featuring two on-board GPUs and 3GB of RAM, the GTX 590 is capable of powering three Full HD monitors running in a 3D Vision Surround configuration, and will make mincemeat of any game or GPU-accelerated program.

Tom Peterson, Director Of Technical Marketing, has put together an extensive look at the GTX 590, delving down into its innards in a way no one else can. Tom explains the chip layout, how the new and innovative cooling system works, compares the GTX 590 with former dual GPU cards, measures heat and noise output, and then proceeds to show the GTX 590 in action in Crysis 2 and Homefront, and ultimately, Crysis 2 in 3D Vision Surround on three Full HD monitors.