Guild Wars 2 Fans Play Anticipated MMO In 3D Vision Surround At PAX Prime

August 27, 2011

By Andrew Burnes

NC Soft sure knows how to work a crowd. At Germany’s GamesCom 2011 last week their live demos and giveaways attracted thousands of fans who crowded around the stage, all simultaneously chanting “Guild Wars!” on demand. At this weekend’s PAX Prime 2011 NCSoft demoed their action MMO, Guild Wars 2, to the public once more. With a more manageable crowd, this time NCSoft brought out the big guns, creating triple monitor NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround setups, allowing patient members of the public to experience the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 in three-screen stereoscopic 3D for the first time since PAX East last March.

Despite vying with other MMOs for popularity, Guild Wars 2 attracts a completely different posse by giving players direct control of each sword swing and spell rather than tying each ability and attack to a different hotkey. It is this point that Randy Price, Senior Vice President of ArenaNet, discusses with NVIDIA’s Kris Rey in our PAX show-floor video interview:

Randy goes into great detail about Player Versus Player combat, which is the focus of a tournament at Alienware’s PAX booth, where players will experience the competitive PvP component for the first time and winners will be awarded prizes from NVIDIA and accessory-maker, Razer, and it continues with talk of the game’s fantastic NVIDIA 3D Vision support and how it adds immensely to the immersion that players experience.

To learn more about Guide Wars 2, check out our developer interview at GamesCom 2011.