GeForce GTX Paints E3 Green: Destiny 2 and Dozens of Other Pre-Release Demos Powered By 10-Series GPUs

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At this year’s E3 in Los Angeles expect to find PCs at every turn, running pre-release demos of the most anticipated games. Under the hood, you’ll discover virtually all of these systems are powered by GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards, the only GPUs capable of running upcoming games at the highest resolutions and detail levels, at 60 FPS or more.

Case in point: Destiny 2. It’s an eagerly-awaited shooter that draws massive attention, and if the first game is anything to go by, it will be played by millions. At E3, dozens of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PCs, with 4K G-SYNC monitors, will run exclusive campaign-mission demos at 60 FPS in the NVIDIA booth at stand #5230 in the West Hall.

For more on Destiny 2 check out this article, which announces a Destiny 2 PC collaboration and time-limited bundle, and unveils the world’s first Destiny 2 4K 60 FPS gameplay video.

Also on tap in our booth are pre-release demos of Agents of Mayhem, Absolver, Raiders of the Broken Planet, Project Cars 2, Strange Brigade, and Conqueror’s Blade. These hotly-tipped titles are running on high-performance GeForce GTX 10-Series PCs connected to G-SYNC monitors, and new Max-Q design philosophy laptops that have unprecedented performance in a mobile form factor. If you wish to see any of these games at E3 at their very best, make sure you swing by the NVIDIA stand early in the morning before the queues go around the block.

In our Virtual Reality section, visitors can try a world exclusive demo of ArKtika.1, the new game from the developers of the much-loved Metro franchise, and our booth is the only place in all of E3 to try it. Alongside ArKtika.1 E3 attendees can also try the recently-released Star Trek: Bridge Crew, enhanced for the occasion with IBM Watson-powered voice commands, which are not yet available in the public release of the game. Simply put, use the power of Watson’s advanced speech to text system to command AI bridge officers using just your voice, whilst controlling your own station using immersive Virtual Reality controls.

Elsewhere at the show, new and upcoming games and experiences from Activision, Alienware, Dell, Devolver, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Focus Home Interactive, Konami Digital Entertainment, Microsoft, Netease, Nexon, Razer, Rebellion, Survivos, THQ Nordic, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. are all running on GeForce GTX PCs. And at Stand #2623 in the South Hall, you may potentially discover the next Steam smash hit at the GeForce GTX-powered Indie Megabooth.

So wherever you go in E3 you’ll find PCs and demos powered by GeForce GTX at E3 2017, ensuring perfect demonstrations of the most anticipated games each and every day at North America’s most important games expo. For news, interviews, gameplay videos, and reveals from each, stay tuned to the NVIDIA GeForce YouTube channel and

New Games, New Tech

E3 is famous for its announcements that reveal new games, new features, new release dates, and much more. Today, we’re announcing the addition of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies to upcoming games, giving you additional ways to share your experiences with friends, fans, and like-minded gamers.

In Absolver, a martial arts action role-playing game from Sloclap and Devolver Digital, you’ll be able to capture and share ShadowPlay Highlights showing your best moments, achievement-earning actions, and your most amusing deaths. Integrated directly into the game by developers, Highlights automatically capture key moments as defined by the developers, so if you pull off something they feel is particularly impressive or noteworthy it’ll be automatically saved. That way you can focus on playing your game instead of capturing video, and never again will you miss the opportunity to share something cool.

MercurySteam’s 4 vs. 1 “counter-operative” shooter, Raiders of the Broken Planet, will also feature ShadowPlay Highlights, in addition to NVIDIA Ansel. This in-game photography tool has to date been used to capture over 4.5 million personally-framed, unique screenshots in 15 games. With Highlights and Ansel, you’ll be able to share your favorite action moments, and your best screenshots with ease.

In Dark and Light, a fantasy survival sandbox role-play game from Snail, you’ll be able to frame, capture and share stunning screenshots with NVIDIA Ansel. With diverse biomes and stunning vistas, Ansel will enable you to turn your hand-crafted worlds into beautiful wallpapers and unique, jaw-dropping screenshots, as demonstrated below in the world’s first Dark and Light NVIDIA Ansel screenshot.

For more on the integration and release of these and other NVIDIA GameWorks technologies and effects in PC games, stay tuned to

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All The Hot PC News From E3

Our NVIDIA GeForce YouTube channel has 3 teams at E3 chatting to developers, checking out the best demos, and bringing you the latest news and exclusives in the world of PC gaming. Stay locked to their channel for each upload, and refresh for extra info, high resolution screenshots, and other content.