Play The Future With GeForce GTX Battlebox PCs

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PC gaming is in a new Golden Age thanks to a significant increase in the number of excellent games released every year, the proliferation of digital distribution services, and the wide variety of experiences and genres on offer. Simultaneously, hardware and software has also entered a new Golden Age with the availability of technically-advanced gaming monitors, the release of Windows 10 and DirectX 12, and the upcoming release of Virtual Reality headsets, which will deliver true immersion for the very first time.

Together, these advancements in hardware, software and games have led to an explosion in popularity for PC gaming. And with so many newcomers taking their first steps into home computing we’re frequently asked, “What hardware will I require to play in 4K and VR at max settings?” The honest truth, “The best of the best.” 4K monitors make serious demands on your hardware, while high-resolution VR headsets introduce the added requirement of having to run at a blistering 90 frames per second, or more, at all times. Factor in new, advanced DirectX 12 visual effects, as well as high-fidelity graphics, and it’s unquestionably true that only the very best systems will be receiving the ultimate experience.

For those seeking that definitive, no-compromise experience we’ve worked with our partners to create GeForce GTX Battlebox PCs, hand-crafted by specialists using the best components money can buy to deliver perfect 4K, DX12 and VR experiences.

Each GeForce GTX Battlebox PC includes, at a minimum, a GeForce GTX 980 Ti for the highest possible GPU performance, an Intel i7 X99 CPU for the best possible CPU performance, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and the newly-released Windows 10. Beyond these requirements, our partners were free to build anything they liked, resulting in a diverse range of Battlebox systems that are ready for anything.

The specs and cooling of the GeForce Battlebox systems may seem like overkill to some, but when dealing with such high resolutions like 4K, the requirement to keep framerates fast and stable in VR, and a player’s desire to enable all the bells and whistles, the best of the best is needed. And by building in expert cooling Battlebox GeForce GTX GPUs can be effortlessly overclocked for even higher performance.

4K monitors feature four times as many pixels as 1920x1080 screens.

In addition to delivering the industry’s highest framerates, and lowest frametimes, GeForce GTX GPUs are also the perfect choice for DirectX 12 and Virtual Reality thanks to embedded technology and features that have been in the works for several years, and have been developed in cooperation with Microsoft and Virtual Reality headset creators.

For the newly-launched DirectX 12, NVIDIA was ready and waiting with drivers and support, having worked closely with Microsoft throughout the API’s development. New visual effects and framerate-boosting features are also supported, as are other innovations that will improve your games and experience when the first DirectX 12 titles begin to launch later this year. To learn more please read our GeForce GTX Is Game Ready For Windows 10 & DirectX 12 article.

Similarly, NVIDIA has worked with creators of upcoming Virtual Reality headsets to optimise the experience, to minimise latency, and to increase framerates. Independently, NVIDIA has also created GameWorks VR, a Virtual Reality Software Development Kit for GeForce GTX GPUs that reduces latency, increases the framerate and improves the experience further still. You can learn more about all that goodness on our VR tech page.

If you want to remain on the cutting edge, ready and waiting for the coming generation of games, technologies and experiences, you will require a performance powerhouse like a GeForce GTX Battlebox. Of course, you can turn down the settings, lower the resolution, or use another monitor with a less powerful system, but you’ll be missing out on advanced visual effects, Virtual Reality gaming, higher detail levels, high pixel counts, and much, much more.

EVE: Valkyrie’s unique, tailor-made gameplay generated significant hype for VR when it was first demonstrated, and to this day remains one of the most anticipated VR games.

Not since the switch from 2D to 3D have we seen such an evolution in game technology and game making. Make sure you’re ready to experience the results with a GeForce GTX Battlebox PC, or an equally powerful system of your own making.

For the DIY-averse, pre-built PCs from our hand-picked partners are the perfect choice, making expert use of premium materials and components, customised cases, and high-end cooling that can help you overclock. Other pre-built PCs do exist, and many are great for gaming, but only GeForce GTX Battlebox systems are designed to give the buyer a flawless experience, straight out of the box, in 4K, DirectX 12, and Virtual Reality.