GeForce GTX 950 Free To Play Bundle: Get £70 of In-Game Currency in Warframe & World of Warships

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GeForce GTX 950 Free to Play Bundle

If you want to dip a toe into the waters of free-to-play gaming but you don't really know where to start, NVIDIA has a new offer that will sweeten the deal. From now until 26th July, if you buy a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950, or a notebook equipped with the GTX 950M, you'll receive £70 worth of in-game value for two of the hottest free-to-play games out there right now: Warframe and World of Warships, both of which offer cutting-edge graphics, tech and gameplay that you can enjoy without having to spend a thing.

Warframe from Digital Extremes is a third-person co-op shooter in which you can join forces with up to three other players for a series of frantic battles set across the solar system. As one of an ancient warrior race called the Tenno, you're fighting against a race of military human clones called the Grineer, who have overrun the solar system while you've been in a centuries-long cryosleep.

It's going to be a long, bloody war, but thanks to your warframes – powerful exo-armor equipped with primary, secondary and melee weapons, as well as additional special powers – the odds aren't completely stacked against you. As you progress and earn Platinum, the in-game currency, you can upgrade your equipment and buy new gear, including new warframes with increasingly exotic powers. And with the GTX 950 you'll get £35-worth of Platinum, which should get you off to a head start.

The action's fast and frantic, combining intense combat with hair-raising parkour elements, as you double-jump, slide and wall-dash around the levels, evading enemies, getting past obstacles and discovering hidden areas. And you'll find that no two missions are ever quite the same. On top of featuring a variety of mission objectives, Warframe's levels are generated randomly from a collection of prefab rooms every time you play, so you’re never sure what lurks through the next doorway.

Back on Earth, meanwhile, World of Warships is a big and ambitious MMO from, the people behind World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, that puts you in command of historically accurate warship to take part in epic naval battles on the high seas.

There are four classes of warship to command: Cruisers, solid all-rounders that are always ready to pick a fight; speedy and manoeuvrable Destroyers that are built to hit hard and fast; heavyweight Battleships that are armed to the teeth with guns and are able to take a lot of damage; and finally Aircraft Carriers, which carry squadrons of warplanes that can be sent out to spot enemy positions, attack enemy ships and planes, and provide air support to your own forces.

As you play you can buy new warships to add to your fleet and upgrade your equipment, and with NVIDIA's offer you'll get £35-worth of gear for free. New players get the Tier 2 Cruiser Diana and the Tier 2 Destroyer Tachibana, plus 7-days of premium time, 2000 doubloons and 100 on ship consumable flags, while existing players receive the doubloons, premium time and flags.

And while commanding an entire ship might seem just a little bit intimidating, it's surprisingly straightforward to pick up and play; World of Warships starts you off gently with a helpful tutorial mode, then eases you into the action with some co-op battles until you've earned your sea legs. There's also a wealth of training material available on the World of Warships site.

Both Warframe and World of Warships benefit from the processing horsepower of the GeForce GTX 950: it's more powerful than any console and delivers top-notch performance whether you're fighting across a war-torn solar system or commanding a heavily-armed destroyer in a pitched naval battle. It's perfect for experiencing the free-to-play revolution the way it’s meant to be played. Find out more on our GTX 950 Free to Play promo page.