Record and Broadcast Doom and Minecraft With The Latest GeForce Experience Update

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The latest GeForce Experience update adds gameplay recording and broadcasting support for OpenGL and Vulkan games. In other words, you can now stream and record your Minecraft and Doom gameplay with the press of one hotkey, and use the built-in overlay to easily share to Facebook, Google, Twitch, and more. It’s powered by our acclaimed ShadowPlay technology, so you can capture up to 4K 60 FPS and never miss a beat while you game.

Check out just how easy it is to capture content on Minecraft in the video below. Inside there's also a quick overview of GeForce Experience and its powerful built-in recording, broadcasting, and screenshot features, so if you've yet to try GeForce Experience check it out for a quick primer.

For those familiar with GeForce Experience already, we have also improved user controls for upload, broadcast, and gallery so sharing gameplay is even easier.

For starters, the Video and Screenshot upload interface is now unified, with identical controls and quick, easy options to switch between supported sites and services. In addition, logging into sites can be done from the same screen, and options for privacy and sharing are all accessible and visible from one view.

GeForce Experience 3.6: New screenshot and video upload panel

On the Broadcast screen, used for Facebook, Twitch and YouTube streaming, we’ve applied the same treatment, enabling you to control all broadcast options from a single screen, and to login to services from the same location.

GeForce Experience 3.6: New, improved Broadcast setup

The Gallery sees improvements too, with the addition of an ‘upload history’ screen showing all prior uploads, and the location they were uploaded to (accessible via a “Copy URL” button). And we’ve also added a button to the Gallery that enables you to instantly jump to the file location of a screenshot or video in Windows Explorer.

GeForce Experience 3.6: The new and improved Gallery page, with all your screenshots and videos

And finally, all screenshot, video and broadcast functions are enhanced by the addition of support for native OpenGL and Vulkan capture in all screen modes, enabling you to capture content from games like Doom, Minecraft and No Man’s Sky.

If you have any feedback or comments about this release please send them to us via the Feedback button on the bottom right of the GeForce Experience window. For longer comments and other support enquiries, please post on the GeForce Experience Forum.