GeForce Experience 1.7 Launches With ShadowPlay

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Since its initial release in January, GeForce Experience has optimised 13 million systems, helping gamers achieve higher frame rates and better graphical fidelity in over 110 titles. On July 31st we released NVIDIA SHIELD, the ultimate gaming and entertainment portable, and through a GeForce Experience module SHIELD owners began streaming action from their PCs to SHIELD’s HD screen. Today, we have released GeForce Experience 1.7, which puts the much anticipated ShadowPlay feature into the hands of our GeForce GTX users.

GeForce ShadowPlay Beta

First and foremost, GeForce Experience 1.7 introduces ShadowPlay, a free, fast, easy-to-use, gameplay-recording module that allows you to record video of your gaming’s most exciting moments and share it so the whole world can stand in awe of your gaming prowess. By utilising this hardware encoder, ShadowPlay’s impact on game frame rates is far lower than that of traditional recording applications, which can place great strain on the CPU. With higher frame rates you enjoy smoother gameplay, and by encoding in H.264, ShadowPlay avoids the humongous multi-gigabyte .files associated with other applications. This saves space, but more importantly reduces stutter by avoiding unnecessary hard disk thrashing.

ShadowPlay has two user-configurable modes. The first, the eponymous Shadow mode, constantly records your gameplay, saving up to 20 minutes (10 minutes in Windows 7) of high-quality 1920x1080 footage to a temporary file. If you pull of a particularly impressive move in-game, simply hit the user-defined hotkey and the footage will be saved to the user’s chosen directory. The file can subsequently be edited with the free Windows Movie Maker application , or any other .mp4-compatible video editor, and uploaded to YouTube to share with friends or the World Wide Web.

Alternatively, enable Manual mode, which acts like traditional gameplay recorders, saving your entire session to disk.

To get started with GeForce ShadowPlay Beta, you’ll need a GeForce GTX 650 or higher desktop GPU, the latest GeForce drivers, and GeForce Experience 1.7. Once GeForce Experience is installed, click the dedicated ShadowPlay button on the top right of the screen, and flick the switch in the new control panel that appears. Using the four main buttons and the Preferences button, you can configure every aspect of ShadowPlay to your liking. Remember, videos are only recorded when you press the hotkeys in-game. This prevents endless rolls of video flooding your hard disk.

GeForce GTX LED Visualizer

Another newcomer to GeForce Experience is the GeForce GTX LED Visualizer, which enables the customisation of brightness, flashing, and pattern displays on LED-equipped NVIDIA GPUs, such as the GeForce GTX 690, GTX 770, GTX 780, and GTX TITAN. The controls also extend to the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX SLI Bridge, which can be found in new GeForce GTX Battlebox systems.

The new and very exclusive NVIDIA GeForce GTX SLI Bridge.

To learn how to configure and use the GeForce GTX LED Visualizer, please head over to our GeForce GTX LED Visualizer User Guide.

NVIDIA GameStream 1.0

NVIDIA SHIELD PC Game Streaming exits beta with a new name, NVIDIA GameStream. With support for more routers and more games, and improved stream quality, NVIDIA GameStream is now even better at streaming your favourite PC games to you and your SHIELD.

NVIDIA GameStream Ecosystem

To learn more about NVIDIA GameStream, and the required NVIDIA SHIELD Software Update, head on over to our NVIDIA SHIELD October Software Update announcement.

4K Optimal Playable Settings

With the release of GeForce Experience 1.7, we now recommend optimal playable settings for over 110 games. Of those 110 games, xx support the new 3840x2160 “4K” resolution, giving enthusiast users the perfect settings the highly-demanding Ultra HD resolution. Future game optimal settings will also have 4k support included.Future game optimal settings will also have 4k support included.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 4K Gaming Key Image. 4K, The Way It's Meant To Be Played.

To learn more about NVIDIA GeForce GTX 4K Gaming, head on over to our 4K Gaming editorial.

GeForce Experience 1.7: Available Now

GeForce Experience 1.7 adds further tools to the GeForce GTX ecosystem, giving GPU buyers more game and hardware-enhancing tools that cannot be found anywhere else.

GeForce ShadowPlay leverages GPU hardware to give gamers superior gameplay capture tools that have far less of an impact on frame rates than existing applications. The GeForce GTX LED Visualizer gives modders and those with windowed cases new tools to control the look of their system. And NVIDIA GameStream leverages the same H.264 GPU encoder as ShadowPlay to stream gameplay to NVIDIA SHIELD, the ultimate gaming and entertainment portable.

When you buy a GeForce GTX GPU, you’re not just buying a graphics card, you’re buying entry into a rich and innovative gaming ecosystem; the only one with revolutionary technologies, brand new game-changing innovations, and applications that enhance your experiences in a multitude of ways.