Jump Into Fortnite’s Free-To-Play Battle Royale and Share Your Best Moments with NVIDIA Highlights

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Fortnite’s come a long way since it launched in early access back in July of 2017. It started as an ambitious, PvE action-building game that tasked players with constructing huge, powerful forts to defend against waves of implacable monsters. While the PvE campaign mode is still going strong, Epic Games also released a separate, free-to-play mode called Battle Royale, which pits 100 players against each other in tense, rewarding fights for first place: the much-coveted Victory Royale. With over 40 million registered players and a concurrent peak of two million as of publishing, Battle Royale has evolved into a massive success.

With so many players vying for supremacy, combined with the Battle Royale’s on-the-fly building aspect (similar to the fort-making concepts in the PvE campaign), every new match contains outlandish antics and thrilling kills, all of which can be automatically recorded through NVIDIA’s NVIDIA Highlights. Activating ShadowPlay in Fortnite Battle Royale is straightforward. Simply update to the latest Fortnite ShadowPlay patch, verify that you have GeForce Experience 3.12 or better, download the Fortnite Game Ready driver, and of course, make sure you’re using a GeForce GTX graphics card, such as the GTX 1060 for 60 FPS at 1920x1080, the GTX 1070 Ti for 2560x1440, or the GTX 1080 Ti for 3840x2160. After you launch the game and pick Battle Royale, click “Yes” when GeForce Experience prompts to enable NVIDIA Highlights. For more info on the technology and how it integrates with Fortnite Battle Royale, take a look at our recent GeForce Experience at CES 2018 article.

The core concept of Fortnite’s Battle Royale is basic and effective: dump 100 players into a randomised section of a singular, large map, and then watch them go bonkers trying to pick each other off to be the last player standing.

After leaping from your hot-air-balloon battle bus and using your glider to swoop to the ground below, you’ll be thrust into a desperate and chaotic rush to scrounge the surrounding area for weapons, armour, med kits, potions, and resources for building. And building items is crucial, as you can erect walls to guard against incoming fire, sniper towers to hole-up in, trampolines for literally getting the jump on your foes, staircases to obtain the high ground or gain access to sweet, otherwise inaccessible loot drops, and lots more. Some of the most effective methods of wiping out your adversaries comes in the combination of constructing defenses, laying traps, and utilizing clever tactics. Most of the environment and structures are destructible, so you should never get too comfy, even with a bunch of brick walls surrounding you.

Felled opponents drop whatever equipment they’re carrying, which creates a tantalizing but risky dynamic: do you run out to grab the fresh loot, potentially revealing yourself in the process, or do you leave the gear behind, staying alive but possibly with lesser items? Fortnite’s Battle Royale is loaded with moments of make-or-break decisions such as these, and the wrong choice can cost you everything. You can’t just camp out in one spot, either. The longer the match progresses, the more the borders of the map will shrink. Staying outside the border drains your health, so unless you continually move inside the ever-shrinking safe zone, you can expect a hasty demise. Eventually, if you live long enough, you’ll be corralled into a tiny sphere, forcing you and your dwindling opponents into a congested area, rife with potential peril.

While some of the elements in Battle Royale are likely familiar to those who’ve played similarly styled games, Fortnite’s last-man-standing mode separates itself by employing smaller map sections to fight in, which creates constant engagements, a never-ending sense of being hunted, and faster matches—sometimes as quick as 30 or 20 minutes. There aren’t any weapon attachments or upgrades to seek out either. Instead, you’ll typically locate the best armaments in randomly placed chests, which populate the entire region. Plus, while you can attempt to hide yourself or poke around as a movable bush, you can’t lie down, so darting around and staying in motion is often a must.

Thanks to its popularity and tender loving care from the developers, Fortnite’s Battle Royale has been consistently updated with features such as map overhauls, added areas, gameplay balance tweaks, cosmetic changes, and extra modes, including the recent 50v50 team system. “Many updates seem as if they are responding to player wish lists,” said Kotaku in a recent article. “Whenever there’s an issue, Epic Games hops onto forums and social media to talk to players about what’s happening or to inform them that things have been fixed. They also love to joke around with players, giving them winks and nods that reference player antics, like rocket riding, on official game trailers. It’s the sort of transparency and warmth that is rare for a game of this size.”

And don’t forget: Battle Royale is only half of the game. You can still play the PvE campaign as well, where you can join up with three other players in co-op to construct the ultimate fort to defend against swarms of AI enemies. For additional info on the PvE campaign, check out our early access launch article here. For Battle Royale, be sure to activate NVIDIA Highlights to automatically capture all your kills, deaths, and Victory Royales, and then send your favorite ones to Facebook and Twitter.