NVIDIA Competitions and Promotions FAQ

1. Why isn’t my country allowed to enter?

Unfortunately we do not have legal approval to allow residents of every country to enter. We will continue to review the situation and hope for future contests that we can increase the number of eligible countries.

2. I signed up for a Beta Key promotion but have not received my key yet. When will I get it?

If your registration was successful, you will receive an email with your beta key when the NVIDIA promotion closes.

3. I signed up for a Beta Key promotion and received an email saying that I did not win one – why not?

We have a limited number of beta keys to give away during each promotion. You were automatically entered into a random draw and unfortunately did not win one this time.

4. I am a competition winner but I have not received my prize yet – who can I speak to about this?

Please contact the NVIDIA representative that emailed you when you won, or let us know by sending a message to info@nvidia.eu.

5. I bought a game bundle but my redemption code does not work. Can I get another one?

Please send an email to info@nvidia.eu including the specific model of the card, where you bought it and the redemption code you received.

6. I have multiple designs I would like to submit to your competition. Am I allowed to submit more than one entry?

Yes! You can submit as many designs as you like, but each one must be entered individually. So, if you have three designs, you will need to fill in the entry form three times.

7. I am under 18 and so I cannot enter according to the terms and conditions. Can my parents/guardians enter on my behalf?

Unfortunately we cannot accept entries made on another’s behalf but your parents/guardians are free to enter themselves.