GPU Boost 2.0


Having acquired data from hundreds of thousands of end-users in the year following the GTX 680’s launch, NVIDIA’s engineers determined that GPU temperature was more commonly an inhibitor to performance than power consumption. As a result, they took GPU Boost technology and developed GPU Boost 2.0 for GTX 700 and GTX 700M Series GPUs, which increases the Boost Clock until the GPU hits a predetermined Temperature Target. With this change, performance is increased by 3-7% over GPU Boost 1.0 at stock speeds, and by a larger degree on factory-overclocked models sold by our partners.

GPU Boost 2.0 delivers even fast clock speeds using available temperature headroom.

More Control, Less Noise

GPU Boost 2.0 also offers improved user-control for desktop GeForce GTX GPUs, who can tweak the Boost behavior by increasing or decreasing the Temperature Target with third-party software. This lets desktop GeForce GTX over-clockers decrease the maximum temperature, speed, and noise output of a GPU when working or playing older games, and to ramp everything up to max when playing the likes of Metro: Last Light.

GPU Boost 2.0 runs quietly while maximizing voltage and power usage.

With a watercooling setup temperatures become irrelevant, allowing GPU Boost to maximize voltage and power usage, in turn cranking the Boost Clock way beyond the norm, wringing every last drop of performance from your desktop’s GeForce GTX graphics card.

GeForce Notebooks get Boosted

GPU Boost 2.0 has been a standard feature on notebook GeForce GPUs since the 700M series. This technology automatically and safely boosts GPU clocks to fit the thermal limits of your notebook. Whether you own a hard hitting GeForce GTX powered gaming beast or a thin and light Geforce multimedia laptop, GPU Boost 2.0 will maximize your performance.