3D Vision


I own an HDTV and the manual says it supports 120 Hz mode. Is this display compatible with 3D Vision?

There are LCD HDTVs that are on the market that claim to display at 120 to 240 Hz refresh rate. These type of displays use framerate conversion or backlight flashing to convert 60 Hz signals to 120 Hz or above. This technology is incompatible and Not 3D Vision Ready.

Please see the 3D Vision System Requirements for a full list of 3D Vision—Ready displays. Displays not listed are not certified and thus not compatible.

Can normal 2D videos be played back in the NVIDIA Stereoscopic Movie player in 3D Stereo Mode?

The NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D Movie player can not convert 2D video content into Stereo 3D Video content.

Can I use the NVIDIA 3D Vision on my HDTV without using a computer?

The NVIDIA 3D Vision only supports PC Operating Systems, PC games, and applications.

I have a new game that isn't listed in the 3D Vision game profile list. Can I add a profile and still play my game in 3D Stereo?

You can test the game in 3D Stereo mode and it may work. However, note that NVIDIA will provide regular driver updates to add new games profiles for the best 3D Stereo Experience. Check to see if your game is supported

3D Vision not working with games in windowed mode. How do I get this to work?

GeForce 3D Vision currently only supports full screen applications and cannot run in windowed mode. Be sure to select full screen mode from with in the games settings.

What about NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Glasses? Will they work with a 3D TV?

Today NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses only work with NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready PC monitors and projectors.  Panasonic TV glasses are used on the Panasonic TV. 3D Vision glasses kit owners will be able to download and use NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play software as a free upgrade to play their 3D content on 3D TVs. Panasonic and NVIDIA are working on glasses compatibility in the future, but today you cannot use 3D Vision glasses with the Panasonic 3D TVs.

I am experiencing flickering on screen during 3D Stereo gameplay.

Please check to make sure your LCD brightness is set to 100% on your monitor. If you are using a value less than 100% this can result in bad 3D Stereo effect. Also allow your display time to warm up for best image quality. Be aware that lighting, especially fluorescent lighting, can also cause flickering.

Will the 3D Vision glasses fit over prescription eye glasses?

Yes, 3D Vision glasses fit comfortably over most prescription eye glasses. If you normally wear glasses when viewing a computer screen, keep them on and put the wireless glasses over your eye wear. The sharper the image on the screen, the better the quality.

Will the GeForce 3D Vision kit be supported on the Mac platform?

There is no planned support for GeForce 3D Vision on the Mac platform at this time.

The stereoscopic 3D hotkeys conflict with what I have setup in my game. How can I change them?

Open the NVIDIA Control Panel by right clicking on your desktop and click NVIDIA Control Panel > Stereoscopic 3D properties > Set up stereoscopic 3D > Set keyboard shortcuts to choosea different hotkey setting.

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