Smaller and quieter than the Radeon HD 6990. 3D Vision Surround from one card. Has significant overclocking potential.

Award: Hexus Performance
...the GTX 590 is clearly an exceptional product. It combines great performance with quiet operation and is packed with features such as 3D Vision, PhysX and Surround gaming which enhance the consumer experience.

Award: Hardware Heaven Performance
Doesn’t flag even at the most extreme settings, and by remaining relatively cool and quiet it takes the dual-GPU crown from AMD

...this generation's bragging rights go to NVIDIA

Award: PC Pro Recommended
..our tests such as Crysis 2 show that the GTX 590 in single or dual card mode offers an unbeatable gaming experience.

Award: Hardware Heaven Performance
To be clear though if it was our money and we had to buy a 6990 or a 590 we would choose the Nvidia card every time, if for no other reason than because you can use it intensively for hours on end with out it trying turning into a desktop leaf blower.

Award: Performance
...topping our performance charts in almost every test, no matter what resolution or game we used. In some games the lead over even AMD’s massive Radeon HD 6990 4GB was substantial and in others only marginal, but the GTX 590 3GB is the king of the graphics cards.

Award: Bit-Tech Recommended
Rounding off the list of awesome hardware is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 3GB GPU. Fitted with two full-fat GF110 GPUs, each with access to 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory, it’s a monster of a graphics card.
“[the PC is the best experience], both through its application of innovative technologies and by offering a tangible glimpse of the future, and thus it ensures that rumours of its death continue to be greatly exaggerated.”
“From the GeForce LAN 6 event in San Francisco this week, we have a host of videos taken from a ‘behind-the-scenes’ keynote with Johan Andersson, DICE’s visual architect. Grab yourself a coffee, sit back, and enjoy this five-part video showcase.”
“With Battlefield 3, it's satisfying to for once find a multi-platform game that still sets the PC version aside to show what could be possible in the next generation of hardware.”
“...with an Nvidia 560 ti and up, [go for PC], it will blow your mind.”
“The world's most powerful graphics card, and more.
The Asus Republic of Gamers MARS II is well constructed, well designed”