Super Sonic Sled


Strap yourself to a rocket – and get ready to experience serious G-forces. Ignite the rocket and launch a timed run down a 6 mile track. Brave falling rocks, kick off booster rockets, and destroy physical structures on the way to the finish line. But make sure to hit the brakes before the end of the track. Every interaction between moving objects in this game is physically simulated. Incredibly physically realistic and accurately portrayed. This means each sled run is unique – it is never the same experience twice. A number of fun features and ways to experiment are included. Throw chickens at sled to break it apart, piece by piece. Place crates full of chickens on the track to see what will happen. Turn on force-vector visualization to see the forces at play. This demo is a great example of how PhysX simulation, CUDA and DX11 hardware tessellation comes together to really deliver a new level of realistic and interactive game play.