Shattered Horizon


Developer Futuremark has worked closely with NVIDIA to create the ultimate zero-gravity shooter experience with Shattered Horizon. The digitally distributed PC game takes advantage of PhysX by bringing the pulse-pounding action, literally, out of this world. The game takes place in outer space, offering multi-dimensional strategies to the shooter action. Gamers will need to contend with which way is up as they target enemies. By running all of the game physics on the GPU using the NVIDIA PhysX library, gamers will experience the difference in zero gravity, which not only affects where people can go, but how they get there. Because of realistic physics, when flying with the rocket pack, players have inertia that makes movement feel unrestricted. Even if a player stops firing the thrusters, he will keep floating in the last direction he was moving. Shooting action has never been so multi-dimensional and it’s all because of NVIDIA PhysX. Shattered Horizon is set 40 years from now when Man has been mining on the Moon and living in the International Space Station. A mining catastrophe sends billions of tons of rocky debris into the Earth’s atmosphere trapping those on the moon and on the space station. Conflict arises between these two groups of survivors and players step into this conflict, armed with guns, but also equipped with rocket packs as they battle in zero gravity. When walking on surfaces, players don't have inertia, but when they detach they’re always in motion. It’s that type of unique gameplay that’s only possible with NVIDIA PhysX and reinforces the sensation of being in space.