Fermi Hair Demo


Ever wondered why most characters in today’s games have either short hair, wear hats, or have limited triangles to represent hair? Doing a convincing job of simulating and rendering long hair in real-time – AND making the hair interact with the surrounding environment is REALLY hard. One of the huge leaps in gaming realism that Fermi’s HW tessellation capability unlocks - is the ability for game developers to deliver much more realistic looking characters. A key visual cue to realism is hair that looks and behaves naturally. In this demo – a character’s Hair is fully simulated, created and rendered on the GPU using a combination of HW tessellation, geometry shading and compute. You can see the hair moves naturally as the character moves and interacts with environment - the face, neck and shoulders. Add the force of wind, and the hair moves naturally. HW Tessellation allows developers to create rich geometry efficiently and interactively. Using DX11’s tessellation functionality we are able to create over 18,000 strands from the couple of hundred strands that we simulate. These strands are then expanded into triangles using the Geometry Shader, creating Millions of triangles when the hair is close to the camera.