Design Garage Ray Tracing Demo


NVIDIA Design Garage is a sneak peek into the future of 3D graphics—ray tracing. Considered by many as the holy grail of 3D, ray tracing produces images with perfect reflections and refractions, accurate shadows, and photorealistic lighting. It is the rendering technique of choice for graphics professionals, but up until now, it has been limited to non-realtime applications. Design Garage taps into the power of the GPU to accelerate the complex calculations of raytracing. Thanks to CUDA and the Optix raytracing engine, what used to take minutes per frame on the PC now runs at up to 15 frames per second on a single GPU. To illustrate the wonders of ray tracing, we took some of the world’s most coveted sports cars and dropped them in one of Design Garage’s five rich environments. In Design Garage, you’re in the driver’s seat. Every setting, from the reflectivity of the paint to the camera’s depth of field, is fully customizable. Move the sun by the click of a mouse or block its rays with an overcast sky. Once you’ve tweaked the image to your heart’s content, save your creation and share it with the rest of the world.