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With more than 250 million players and over 14 billion hours of gameplay, free-to-play has become the new way to game.

These games now offer experiences that are more advanced than ever before. In fact, shooters like Hawken, World of Tanks, and PlanetSide® 2 are among the most graphics-intensive, immersive, and technologically advanced games available with exclusive NVIDIA® PhysX® and 3D Vision™ technologies.

Gear up with GeForce GTX to experience free-to-play games at their best—amazing graphics performance and up to £50 in-game to get started with a bang! Now, also get some great bonus items:

Hawken Technician Mech

Hawken Technician Mech:
includes the entire class, fully decked out, designed to destroy enemy forces and provide real-time repairs

PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 GeForce Decal:
an exclusive badge to make your character stand out in a crowd

PlanetSide 2 GeForce Decal
£50 IN-GAME + Extras
when you buy a GTX 650 or 650 Ti
World of Tanks 2050 Gold & 1 Month Premium (worth £16)1
Planetside® 2 Gear Up pack (worth £16)2
+ GeForce Decal
Hawken 3600 Meteor Credit (worth £16)
+ Technician Mech

1 New players also get an additional 1500 gold.
2 Gear Up pack includes Infantry Camo, Weapon Camo, Exclusive Gun, 7 Day XP Boost, 7 Day Resource Boost (equivalent to 2500 Station Cash)

The offer is available from selected retailers only and whilst stocks last. Please check the product description of the graphics card you are purchasing to confirm that the coupon is included. The currency value of the in-game award is an approximate value and is subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

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